The Reality of Heaven

Within the church the subject of Heaven brings out both speculation and controversy, but neither have to be if the truth of Heaven is gathered from the scripture. The Bible teaches the truth as well as the reality of Heaven, now and hereafter. Heaven is the dwelling place of God and the seat of His Kingdom. The plan of God for eternity is to have a place for all His people to live forever. Jesus came to the earth in order to prepare mankind for The Kingdom of God. We find the ideal king for God’s Kingdom in His Son, Jesus. God became flesh and dwelt upon the earth in the person of Jesus. On the cross a sacrifice was given once and for all. By faith in that sacrifice (Jesus) we have forgiveness of sin. Because of the forgiveness of sin a person is able to become a citizen in the Kingdom of God. By the means of forgiveness great crowds from all nations are being prepared for a place called Heaven. Death is a reality, and so is eternity. Prepare now for death and eternity by accepting God’s gift of forgiveness. Receive Jesus as Lord and Savior in order to be prepared.

Your Walk in 2018

Talk is not enough – God expects the walk. John in his first letter, chapter two and verse five says, “He who says he abides in Christ ought himself also to walk just as He walked.” Jesus’ walk on this earth was one of obedience to the will and word of God. The walk of compassion and concern for others was His daily walk. He was always conscious of what His purpose in life was according to God’s call upon Him. Knowing the importance of being an example for those who would follow, Jesus took seriously the walk of being salt and light. As Jesus encountered others in life He knew talk was not enough. He demonstrated a walk that resulted in action which fulfilled God’s love. In 2018 we are the people of God left to do a work. We must do more than talk a good talk. We have a walk of compassion to show to others. Our walk must be a separation from the world, both the ways and things of the world. What will your walk be in 2018?

Happy New Year

As we come to the end of 2017 we are reminded of two important times in the life of Jesus. First, on the night He was betrayed the disciples were gather with Jesus at the Passover table. The bread and the cup used in the observance of Passover took on a new meaning. The bread became a symbol of the suffering of Jesus. The cup represented His shed blood for the sacrifice of sin. That which was established around the Passover table was the Lord’s Supper. Jesus said as often as His church gathered at the table for the Lord’s Supper, they were to do so in His remembrance. Secondly, after the resurrection Jesus prepared the disciples for the future of the
church. His followers were to be a witness of His good news. They were to shine as lights in a dark and lost world. Jesus is the light of the world, so therefore His followers become reflectors of Him. Today we remember Jesus and His sacrifice, as well as to identify with Jesus as the light of the world. Let us be prepared to be His witnesses in 2018.
Happy New Year! 

Merry Christmas

We celebrate the coming of God in the flesh. God came in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ the Lord. The announcement of the birth of Jesus was the news the world had waited years to hear. In the city of David was born the Savior. Jesus walked upon the earth so He might identify with mankind. Being in the flesh brought joy, peace, and hope to a world filled with the darkness of sin. Jesus was able to live a sinless life as He looked toward the cross. On the cross He gave life by shedding His blood as a sacrifice for our sin. Jesus Christ the Lord was the Messiah born of a virgin. His name was Emmanuel, God with us, so He might save us from the penalty of sin. He was willing to endure a life in the flesh and then give His life for us. This Christmas let us trust Him for our everyday life. God’s blessings be with you and your family.
Merry Christmas!