Set an Example

In the beginning God designed the home and family.  He made the leaders of the home a father and a mother with different roles.  The father was placed at the head of the family while the mother became the helper.  A father and mother together make decisions which affect the well-being of the family.  One of the most important decisions is to teach the family the right path in life. Children must have leadership from both the father and the mother if they are to make the right choices in life. Research shows the children take their spiritual lead from their father. The importance of both the father and the mother attending church is seen in the following research. If both the father and the mother attend church, 72% of the children will go to church as adults.  If only the father attends church, 55% of the children will go as adults. But if only the mother attends church only 15% of the children will go to church as adults. One of the most important things for a father to do is set the example of faithful church attendance.

The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Jesus made a promise to send the Holy Spirit to abide with us.  When we said yes to Jesus, we were forgiven of our sins, and the Holy Spirit came to dwell in us.  The work of the Holy Spirit is to empower us as witnesses and to produce fruit that characterizes our lives.  Paul lists the fruit of the Spirit as love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.  As we yield ourselves to the guidance of the Spirit, we develop into the person who is pleasing to God. Also the fruit of the Spirit will be evident to those around us.  Others will find us to be reliable, helpful, and trustworthy. We will gain the confidence of others as we serve together. The fruit of the Spirit allows us to demonstrate the presence of the Holy Spirit within our lives.  Will you allow the Holy Spirit total control of your life, thereby producing His fruit within you?

God's Grace Is Sufficient

As the children of God we have access to the grace and comfort of God. When we are faced with the death of one we love we have resources we can draw from. We have God who is able to comfort us; a Savior who loves us; the scriptures which will guide us; the Holy Spirit to come along side of us; and the family of God to give us help. By turning to our resources we have a support team that will see us through. Our lives will be strengthened by the ministry of others. We should never fail to give thanks to God for His provisions during our time of grief. God is at work to bring about His will and purpose. We may not be able to understand how God is working, but we can know God is in control. God’s grace is sufficient for us at a time as this. Our promise to Savannah is we will never let your witness grow old or cold. We will keep telling the story of your life and your love for Jesus.

Freedom Is Not Free

The observance of Memorial Day was started to remember those who died in the Civil War. Since that time all who have sacrificed their lives in the service of our nation have been added. Even today those who give their lives in the line of duty in emergency services are remembered. So, we join in today to remember all who have given their lives to make life possible for us. We also come to give honor to those who have served or are serving today so our lives may be safe. We need to make sure the next generation understands the history of this nation and those who have made freedom possible by their service and sacrifice. Freedom is not free. Both lives and blood have been given so we can enjoy our freedom today. Let us on this Memorial Day make our thanks known for the sacrifice of others. As we worship our God today may we involve ourselves in true thanksgiving. God bless our men and women who are serving today in the great USA and around the world.